Amy Diederich is the President of Braithwaite Innovation Group.

AmyHeadshot_smallAmy’s career includes an impressive list of corporate America positions, yet she describes herself first and foremost as an entrepreneur and inventor. The daughter of a prolific inventor (her father holds over 20 patents, including ground-breaking work that allowed for the mass production of Braille); Amy started inventing at an early age. Her first lemonade stand boasted orange lemonade – a distinctive and tasty combination of lemons and tangerines!

Encouraged by her father to see the world through an inventor’s eyes, Amy views the world with a unique perspective that allows her to see opportunities that others may see as unconventional. As an undergraduate student, she was asked to teach Communication 101 – to her fellow classmates! This role helped Amy to realize that the rest of the world can benefit from an inventor’s mindset. Amy sees every opportunity as novel, whether it’s learning to climb telephone poles while in her first real job as a management trainee for Ameritech or more recently in creating the international quality program for Vonage.

Amy’s open and curious mind allows her to see beyond what’s known. As the founder of A-Squared Consulting, she led many successful projects in multiple fields. True to her inventor’s mindset, she skips over the boundaries between distinctly separate occupations, seeing the unique connection that no one else sees or envisions.

Amy has served as a consultant for Lastar Inc., the lead training consultant and call center director for Comcast, and a national quality consultant for Adelphia. Amy’s gift is her ability to help others discover new ways of thinking as well as taking materials, processes or tools from one realm and using them as no one else has imagined in a totally different realm. She can’t wait to help people see a new possibility, connection or relationship that will spark the next great invention.

You can find Amy on LinkedIn, on Twitter as @startyourownbig and blogging at StartBIG and WomenBIG.