Shorten the Path to Results

What is the definition of a straight line? A line traced by a point traveling in a constant direction; a line of zero curvature; the shortest distance between two points is the definition.  As a leader we want to take the shortest distance to get to our goal but we often encounter “curves” obstacles that stand in our path or way to get us where we want to go.

Coaching the curve is a fresh perspective on coaching that teaches leaders how to utilize physiological processes to help employees see past the curve and easily overcome obstacles. It shortens the path to performance.

What people are saying about Amy Diederich’s Coaching the Curve:

Amy shared a common sense approach to coaching in a fun and engaging way” – Pat K

“Amy’s presentation was inspiring. While many times organizational speakers tend only to focus on the behaviors of being a good coach Amy also focused on the physical reactions that happen in relation to what you are coaching towards and how to get folks through the curves! Her real life experiences were very relatable and honestly, her presentation helped me keep in perspective that the shortest distance between two points isn’t always a straight line, especially if there is a mountain involved.” – Julie S

“Amy Diederich was a very engaging and thoughtful speaker. Her story about bicycling was interwoven masterfully in the presentation and really helped to help explain the business concepts behind Coaching the Curve so that everyone could relate.” – Jennifer C

“Amy’s use of story-telling connected the materials to real situations that we could all relate to. This helped to solidify the concepts that she was sharing with us and helped pull it all together in a simple, yet thoughtful way! I appreciated how authentic Amy was with our team! The one visual that really helped me understand “seeing around the curve” was the racer on his motorcycle. I used this analogy with my daughter recently too!” – Jennifer B

Amy offers a one-hour key note address as well as half and whole-day workshops on Coaching the Curve.